What lingerie is the cast of Bridgerton wearing we hear you ask? It really is the talk of ‘the ton’.

The corset was a staple piece during the Victorian era, worn to slim down and sculpt the torso but it could also restrict breathing; remember the famous scene when Keira Knightley fainted from wearing a tight-fitting corset in Pirates of the Caribbean.

And corsets recently made the news when some Bridgerton actresses had enough of their restrictive costume corsetry! We weren’t surprised by this news as, in the meantime, the Bridgerton costume designers found the perfect alternative for those plunging Georgian necklines, from Tallulah Love.

Our best-selling Tara balconette bra with its low-cut cups and wide-set straps gives uplift to the breasts and creates fabulous cleavage; which is perfect for those empire-line dresses.

The diamond of Bridgerton Season 2, Simone Ashley spoke candidly to The Times about the show’s costume design. She said “Corsets push everything down to the bottom of your stomach. They’re so beautiful, but I hate them. Never again! Luckily, we’re allowed to wear bras now instead and that has changed everything for me. I can do a 12-hour day and feel comfortable”. – Thanks for the great feedback Simone! 

Ladies may not have worn pistachio or raspberry-coloured lingerie in the Regency era, but we hope this will not stop us from getting a glimpse of Tallulah Love in the upcoming  Bridgerton Seasons 3 & 4. Let us know if you spot our Tallulah Love lingerie on your favourite Bridgerton star!

In anticipation of the next season of Bridgerton, it’s time to live out your regency-core dreams and add Tara to your lingerie drawer 💎

Image credit: Bridgerton, Netflix.