A guide to every bra style that we stock. Every lingerie drawer will have a mix of bra styles as the shape of your breasts can affect what style of bra will likely suit you the most. 


The balconette bra has wider-set straps with a slightly shorter cup in terms of height, this provides a natural uplift and creates a flattering fit.
This bra style works well for most breast shapes and is one of our most popular styles.


A soft bra contains no underwires, there is less support in this style however it does bring ultra-comfort, something we all crave (especially on a lazy Sunday). This bra style works well for most bra shapes, especially Athletic shaped breasts.


This bra style gives a natural lift, the plunge-style cups are designed on an angle, creating more of a cleavage.
The plunge bra works well for most shapes, especially East/West & Asymmetric breasts.


Our racerback style bras fall into our soft bra category too. We opt for a racerback style while designing our soft bras as this style guarantees straps that will never, ever slip. This style is great for most breast shapes, especially for teardrop and side-set breasts.


If you prefer more coverage and more support, this bra style is for you. Often full-cup bras have wider straps to provide more comfort while helping to support the breasts. A full-cup works best for larger bras and suits breast shapes including bell-shaped or East/West breasts.