Growing up, we were always told that investing in a great-fitting bra was important. At the end of the day, it is the foundation of your outfit and whether or not it is just for you, lingerie really can boost your mood and here is why:

A well-fitted bra can change how your breasts look, adding uplift and shape under your outfit helping to achieve the hourglass silhouette shape, boosting your confidence and therefore improving your mood!

Wearing a matching set can also really make you feel like you’ve got your life together! When buying a lingerie set, always add 2 knickers to your basket allowing you to match for another day before bra wash day.

As a brand that mainly focuses on bringing colour into your life, we swear that adding colour to your lingerie drawer really does boost your mood.

A POP of colour can really influence your mood, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow create a range of feelings, including passion and power. Cool colours such as blue and purple have the opposite effect and give off a relaxed and calming aura creating a sense of serenity. So the next time you grab a bra for the day, be selective of your colour choice for that day, here are some of our recommendations:

We love our Tara in Pistachio & Raspberry set for bringing energy to our day and brightening our mood. @biancabeers is rocking the underwear-as-outerwear look and we are totally here for it!














Feeling sexy? Our Opulent Lace in Berry Red is the perfect choice to empower you. @Libbybrenna1111 is on fire in our classic Opulent Lace range.













For a sense of serenity, Opulent Lace in Caramel & Peacock Blue is the perfect choice. @bethdunlavey showing us a sense of tranquillity.














At Tallulah Love we believe that wearing lingerie is an act of self-care, it boosts your mood, even more so when you are matching – it allows you to take on whatever life throws at you that day!

Let us know what your favourite colour of lingerie is to wear.