Crazy, we hear you say…but it’s true! Be prepared to have your mind blown as we explore why Nude isn’t the only colour of bra that doesn’t show under a white shirt.

In theory, a white bra under a white top seems like the obvious choice, but experience has taught us that a bright white hue will practically glow under any white t-shirt, blouse or shirt.

Your next go to is likely to be a shade of nude which will blend seamlessly with your skin therefore not visible underneath a white shirt. But as a brand in love with colour, let’s talk about RED!

The trick is finding one that has the same undertones as your skin. The shade of red is important for instance if you have a lighter skin type, the colours soft pink or a light red are suitable. While darker skin types should select a deeper shade of red for instance our Opulent Lace in Berry Red. The shade of red will blend with your skin tone becoming invisible under your white shirt. Why? Because skin naturally has red tones allowing the shade of red to blend perfectly.

We put our Tallulah Love lingerie to the test, we decided to show the difference between our Opulent Lace in Peacock Blue which is visible with its cool undertones. In comparison, we tried the Opulent Lace in Berry Red and we were pretty impressed with the results as it blends seamlessly underneath the white shirt.

It just shows that you really can wear a red bra under white!