After much debate, we have concluded that everyone stores their lingerie differently, some prefer to hang it, and others prefer to lay it flat in a drawer.

We really want you to increase the longevity of your lingerie, so here are our best tips based on the knowledge we have accumulated over the years:

Drawers vs Hanging. Which is best? 

Laying your lingerie flat in a drawer is the best method of storing it. As we learnt over the years through our New York & Paris trade shows, hanging lingerie can damage it. The weight and delicate materials can stretch out over time if it is hung up, especially items with silk straps; not to mention you may get clip marks from the hangers. Larger pieces for instance robes are better stored on a padded hanger.

It is best to lay your bras stacked rather than folding the cups inside the other, this destroys the fibres in the moulded cup making it lumpy and bumpy. We also like to organise our drawers by style for instance padded, soft-underwired, plunge etc. This makes it easy to grab in the morning when you’ve decided on your outfit and what colour/shape of bra you need.

TOP TIP – Don’t fold your bras!

When it comes to briefs, we would also recommend sorting your drawers into styles for instance thongs, briefs & shorts. We all have those days when the thought of wearing a thong is just a total no-go. As lingerie connoisseurs, a drawer dedicated to ‘date night’ is a must, including suspenders and bodysuits – has our Midnight Rose suspender caught your eye?

Now you are armed with our tips, it’s time to KonMarie your lingerie drawer!

Top tip: Tuck a little sachet of lavender or spray a card with your favourite scented perfume to keep your storage space smelling amazing! We love to add a spritz of Tom Ford Black Orchid to our lingerie drawer.