Tallulah Love made its debut in 2009 at the Salon International de la Lingerie, Paris. The Salon International de la Lingerie is the leading global show in the intimate apparel market.

Where did our brand name Tallulah Love come from?

‘Tallulah’ was the main female lead in the film Bugsy Malone (1976) starring the fabulous actress Jodie Foster. ‘Tallulah’ is our muse,  Tallulah is sophisticated, sassy and oozes confidence.

And then we added love making it a bit of a tongue-twister but expressing our feeling about wanting to show Tallulah ‘Love’.

The essence of Tallulah Love is French-inspired opulence of high quality, with luxurious fabrics, sophisticated use of colour and strong detailing. Oh, and did I mention a touch of British quirkiness? Tallulah Love uses only fabrics that feel lovely against the skin, chooses colours to flatter and adds subtle finishing touches, such as original hand-drawn embroidered designs, to give each piece its own unique identity.

We are also passionate about the fit; a woman wearing Tallulah Love looks every bit as good with her clothes on.

Tallulah Love is sold primarily in the UK, USA and across Western Europe. If you are interested in stocking our lovely lingerie, please fill in our wholesale form. 

As a small independent brand, we have been super lucky to have supplied the lingerie to the entire Bridgerton cast (Netflix). Read more about our lingerie featuring in Bridgerton here.

Selected to appear in Vogue by Tom Ford and ex-French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, Tallulah Love was featured in issue 3 of CR Fashion Book, a book of fashion inspiration. Tallulah Love About Us